Argentina Budget

Total days in Argentina: 9 days

Exchange rate (July 2013): 1€ = US$ 1,32 = 10 ARS
(NOTE: At the time, the official exchange rate was US$1 = 5,4 ARS but because of the political situation in Argentina it was possible to exchange US$ on the “black market” at a rate of US$ 1 = 7,5 – 8,2 ARS; for my calculations I used the black market exchange rate since that is the actual money I spent. Expect everything to be a bit more expensive if you don’t take USD or if the situation should change in the future.)

Total spendings: 483,72 € (4.837,20 ARS)

Average daily spendings: 53,74 € (537,40 ARS)

Special expenses

  1. Wine tasting tour in Mendoza: 11,00 € (110,00 ARS)
  2. Bike tour in Buenos Aires: 16,50 € (165,00 ARS)
  3. Visiting Iguazu (Argentinian side):  41,00 € (410,00 ARS; includes bus transfer, boat ride and admission to the park)

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