Bahía Drake & Corcovado National Park

05th – 10th of October 2013

After spending quite some time in Panama, Lukas and I were only left with enough time for one more destination in Costa Rica which is why we opted for Bahía Drake, a stepping stone for the Corcovado National Park. At first we hesitated a bit to go there because we feared that it might be a bit expensive due to its remote location. We were quite surprised to find out, that the 1,5 h boat ride from Sierpe  to Bahía Drake was well worth the money, just like the Cabinas Jade Mar where we stayed at with an amazing view over the ocean for just 5000 CRC / 7,58 € pp a night.

One of the must-do’s while visiting Bahía Drake is renting a kayak (2500 CRC / 3,79 € pp per hour) and paddling up the Río Agujitas, a small river at the South end of the beach. Apart from the many birds and reptiles that can be spotted along the way, paddling the rapids back down is quite some fun (given that you’re willing to drag the kayak over the rocks on the way up).

But the main reason for coming to Bahía Drake is of course to visit the Corcovado National Park. Originally we had planned to just take a boat to the San Pedrillo Ranger Station and walk the 20 km back to Bahía Drake. But since this turned out to be harder to organize than we thought we instead booked a guided one day tour (30.000 CRC / 45,45 €) which included the 30 minute boat ride to the San Pedrillo Ranger Station, as well as the park admission, lunch and the guide. The boat ride itself would have already been worth the money since we were able to spot Humpback Whales (right next to the boat) and dolphins.

The main part of the tour was a five hour hike through primary rain forest and along stunning beaches with various kinds of monkeys, birds and other animals. The tour ended with us visiting a quite impressive waterfall and a nice swim in a river. After that we were taken back to Bahía Drake in the early afternoon. At the beginning we were quite skeptical about whether the tour would be worth the money or not but we weren’t disappointed. In the end it all really depends on the wildlife you see which of course isn’t guaranteed.

We spend the remaining time of our stay relaxing on the beach and enjoying the views from our hostel patio.

Unfortunately Lukas had to fly home after this but it was definitely a worthy end to our trip together.

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