Volcán Santa Ana & Parque Nacional El Imposible

Volcán Santa Ana

18th – 21st of November 2013

The city of Santa Ana itself doesn’t really have that much to offer. BUT in close proximity is the volcano Santa Ana which last erupted in 2005 claiming two lives. Today it is safe again to hike to the top. Getting to the national park is as easy as taking a direct local bus for only US$ 0,90 / 0,67 € each way. Once there you will have to pay a total of US$ 11 / 8,15 € to various organizations including the tourist police which will hike to the top with you since there have been muggings in the past. The hike itself is an easy 1,5 h walk through a stunning scenery of volcanoes with lush green vegetation and an amazing view of Lago de Coatepeque.

Since the last eruption, the crater of Volcan Santa Ana has filled with water which is completely saturated with sulfur due to the fumes escaping at the bottom of the lake giving it a greenish/yellowish color. We spent about 1 hour on the top enjoying the amazing scenery and taking photos.

Although the city of Santa Ana wasn’t exactly what I had expected (the Lonely Planet describes it as a nice colonial town – it is not!) and didn’t feel safe at all, it is nevertheless worth a visit as it is the stepping stone to an incredible volcano hike you shouldn’t miss out on if you are in the area.

Parque Nacional El Imposible

21st – 23rd of November 2013

Since time was limited in El Salvador I decided to visit only one more location – the Parque Nacional El Imposible. The name originates from the times when farmers had to transport their coffee harvest along small paths on steep cliffs claiming the lives of humans and animals alike. Today paved roads have made this job a lot easier and safer.

There were a lot of different tour options to choose from in the hostel in Tacuba, unfortunately I had only time for one – the Waterfall Tour (US$ 25 / 18,52 €). Initially I thought this was going to be a four hour hike through the forest to a couple of waterfalls which is why I was positively surprised when I found out that it was more a canyoning tour along a river with several jumps along the way and a massive 60m waterfall at the end. As I have already mentioned in other articles (Somoto Canyon) I am a very big fan of activities like this.

So even though my time in Tacuba was very limited which prevented me from doing another tour, I am sure I used the time available the best possible way by going on the waterfall tour.

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