Pulhapanzak Falls & Copán Maya Ruins

Pulhapanzak Falls

17th – 18th of November 2013

The Pulhapanzak Falls are certainly not the most spectacular waterfalls I have visited on this trip. What makes them exciting is the fact that it is possible to go behind the falls and into a little cave. The guided tour only costs 200 HNL / 7,41 € and is absolutely worth it, especially since it is impossible to see anything whilst going under the falls which means you would be completely lost without a guide. As I was walking behind the falls I got pelted quite a bit by the water from above – I guess you could call it a deep tissue back massage if you are a positive thinker. Once behind the falls it felt a lot like being in the biggest storm you could possibly imagine. Needless to say that the photos I took didn’t turn out too well due to the massive amounts of spray. After spending a bit of time behind the falls we headed back outside – una mas deep tissue back massage por favor!

So even though there are definitely more beautiful waterfalls in Central America, that little Indiana Jones-like experience is well worth a visit if you’re passing by anyway.

Copán Maya Ruins

18th – 19th of November 2013

After visiting the Pulhapanzak Falls Dineke, (a friend I met traveling) and I hitched a ride to the Copán Ruins with the owner of the hostel we had stayed at the night before and two of his friends. We didn’t really save any money by doing that but at least we had a hell of a time – torn bags with raw coffee, involuntary jumps over invisible speed bumps, a flat tire after hitting a pothole at full speed and lots of laughter included. That stretch of road from San Pedro Sula to the Ruinas de Copán certainly isn’t the best one.

The Ruinas de Copán are just outside of the town of Copán, a beautiful colonial village where I could have easily spent a couple of days. After checking into the hostel we walked around the streets a little and discovered a small restaurant called El jardín which had an amazing selection of about 20 different kinds of cheeses – finally some real cheese after more than six months of travelling. 🙂

But the highlight of Copán is of course the ruins (admission 300 HNL / 11,11 €). We started our walk through them as early as we possibly could to catch the best views before the crowds arrived. We decided not to take a guide to save some money, which might have not been the smartest decision since you get a lot more background info with a guide. The ruins were nevertheless spectacular – especially with the morning sun lighting them up. The precision with which the buildings were built is mind-blowing.

The Ruinas de Copán were definitely the cultural highlight on my trip through Central America so far. I can’t wait to see what the other Mayan ruins in Guatemala and Mexico have to offer.

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  1. I love that photo of the macaw, it’s amazing! Sounds like you’re having an epic time (and see? I’m reading, like I was told. Such a good Laura!)

  2. Two places I’m hoping to visit on my trip!


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