San Blas Sailing Trip

15th – 20th of September 2013

So this could have definitely been a highlight of my trip so far if, yes if my body didn’t decide that it was the perfect time to develop a raging virus infection with more than 40 °C of fever! I guess it had to happen at some stage on this trip but I definitely would’ve preferred if I wasn’t trapped on a boat without proper medication or an air conditioning to cool down (in all fairness, the Captain Gisbert and another guest took really good care of me, a huge cudos for that!). Nevertheless I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has to cross from either Colombia to Panama (as I did) or the other way round. I booked through and paid US$ 525 / 397,72 € for the 6 day / 5 night cruise on the Santana, a 50 foot long aluminium (or as our American friends would say: aluminum) catamaran.

We left Cartagena on the evening of the 15th and spent the 16th cruising the ocean, nothing much happening there except for a little yellow bird that had gotten lost completely somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Of course I was still healthy and fit for that part of the trip!

On the third day we reached the first islands of the San Blas and enjoyed a fantastic day of snorkeling, hanging out on the beach and maybe a bit of drinking. In the evening our Captain Gisbert prepared some incredible lobsters and a crab that had been sold to us by Kuna (the indigenous people of the San Blas Islands) during the day. After dinner it pretty much started going downhill for me for the rest of the trip. The day after I at least managed to gather enough strength to join the others for some fresh coconuts on another island but that was it. So for the rest of the trip there’s nothing much to write about, at least not from my side, since I spent most of the time in bed or on a kayak under the boat trying to cool off. The pictures are nevertheless incredible, hope you’re enjoying them as much as I do (my memory of the trip is a bit hazy due to the fever, so it is a good thing that I at least have those).

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  1. Totally stealing all of your pics even though you can only see my face in 1 of them 🙂


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